How to build a free or open access legal website


Do you want to have your own legal information website? Do you have collections of judgments, law reports or legislation ready for publication? 

AfricanLII and partners have spent a few years developing open source solutions and training materials to help anyone to easily set up and operate an open access legal information website.  We share these materials with you here. 

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Law reporting at the African Court on Human and People’s Rights: Aspirations and Challenges (Part I)

In this first of a two-part blog, legal scholar Yuzuki Nagakoshi reflects on recent training at the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights. Offered jointly by the African Legal Information Institute, the Judicial Institute for Africa, based at the University of Cape Town, and by Kenya Law, the course was intended to provide a comprehensive theoretical and practical training in traditional and digital law reporting.

When we think about courts, our imagination often ends when the decision is delivered.

A less public but nevertheless important aspect of courts’ work is the subsequent reporting of decisions after they have been delivered. The resulting law reports are collections of decisions from a specific court or jurisdiction, edited and organised to facilitate the understanding and dissemination of its jurisprudence and to be the official record.

AfricanLII and Kenya Law

Pocket Law: Legal Information In Your Pocket

Do your users struggle to connect to the Internet? Pocket Law lets you search for cases and legislation off-line. It is a USB stick loaded with an LII website, which works off-line and updates with new content once users are in Internet coverage.


pocket law.png Pocket Law lets you search for cases and legislation off-line.  A USB stick loaded with a LII website, works off-line and updates once you are in Internet coverage.

LII in a Box: A Content Management System for Law

Do you have cases, legislation and other legal information that you want to make available via the Internet? Do you want to run your own legal information website?

AfricanLII develops and maintains a Drupal packaged distribution that powers up standards-based free and open access legal information websites in Africa.

The LII-in-a-Box is intended to serve all those projects and institutions, who wish to publish the law they produce or collect for publication for free online access.


AfricanLII and Laws.Africa develop and maintain the Indigo Legislation Platform, which makes it easier for you, government, commercial and non-profit organizations to capture, update and use legislation.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you!  This is our Indigo Legislation Platform.

We develop and maintain a system (and offer training) that makes it easier for organizations to capture and update legislation.