Copyright & A2K Issues - 26 May 2020

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Intellectual Property:

Why “Intellectual Property” is a Misnomer

80 Academics urge President Ramaphosa to expedite changes to SA’s patent laws

Patent Rights and Wrongs in the COVID-19 Pandemic: EU and U.S. Approaches to Compulsory Licensing


New Policy Paper on Fundamental Rights as a Limit to Copyright during Emergencies

Data Mining under the revised Swiss Copyright Act

Reversion laws: what’s happening elsewhere in the world?

What If we could reimage copyright?

Copyright Enforcement in the Digital Age: When the Remedy is the Wrong

Protecting Exceptions against Contract Override - A Review of Provisions for Libraries

Copyright L&E for nonprofit performance of music, found constitutional

Every Melody has been copyrighted and they are now released into the public domain

Article 13 of the New EU Copyright Directive: What Future For Content Creators And Fair Use On YouTube?

Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation in the Time of the Corona Epidemic

The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 48: Sam Trosow and Lisa Macklem on Copyright and Fair Dealing During a Pandemic

How Did Fair Use Get into the Korean Copyright Act?

WIPO Responds to Call to Act With New Tools on IP/COVID

New Leadership at WIPO

Beyond the Marrakesh VIP Treaty: Typology of copyright access‐enabling provisions for persons

with disabilities -

Know Your Rights as an Author in Open Access Publications


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